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"Yellowish Green" - Vintage Rembrandt Watercolours - 70's/80's

"Yellowish Green" - Vintage Rembrandt Watercolours - 70's/80's

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One half pan of Rembrandt’s “Yellowish Green” from Royal Talens, estimated to be from the 1970’s-1980’s, produced in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

  • Yellowish Green #617

  • Series 2 - LF *** - No pigment information

  • This colour (617) was replaced in the Rembrandt (and Van Gogh) watercolour range with “Permanent Yellowish Green #633” which has a warmer yellow undertone. #617 still exists in Royal Talen’s acrylic range.

After 4-5 decades of being in storage, these watercolours have never been used and are still wrapped in their original packaging. However they may not all be in perfect condition due to time and humidity.

If you plan on using the paints, some of the paper wrapping may be stuck to the paint. This is easily fixed by dropping a bit of water onto the pan remove the left over paper.

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