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Set of 6 ceramic pans handmade by Erika Faggiani

Set of 6 ceramic pans handmade by Erika Faggiani

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These handmade ceramic pans are made with a beautiful luxurious dark blue glaze. They were carefully crafted with love and care by Erika Faggiani in the UK (@ericius.arts) and were highly inspired by the beautiful organic shapes found in nature.

Each pan is a different size and shape. The amount of paint will vary from 1/4 pan to just over 1/2 pan. Please photo #3 for a size comparison with one of my regular half pans.

    The palette comes with the following 6 colours:

    • Stardust (New - synthetic mica)
    • Golden Dragon (Chameleon)
    • Snowfall (New)
    • House of Sparks (New)
    • River of Stars (Chameleon)
    • Spirit of the Fireflies (New)

    Tidbits about my handmade paints

    • The paints are vegan, non-toxic and the pigments are all ethically sourced. They no longer contain clove essential oil.

    • These are handmade in small batches. Some Bubbles, cracks, sticky spots are normal and will not affect the quality of the paint.

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