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PRE-ORDER - Pick your own colours - Vintage Ceramic Snail Plate Palette - 6 Full Pans

PRE-ORDER - Pick your own colours - Vintage Ceramic Snail Plate Palette - 6 Full Pans

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This is a PRE-ORDER. Your purchase will be ready to ship at the beginning of April. 

Pre-Order information:
  • You can choose 6 colours of your choice. You can write your choice of colours at checkout, or send me an email ( within 48 hours of placing your order.
  • All colours are available except for Aluminiums, Chameleons, and Forest Green, Sapphire Blue, Deep Emerald, Ocean Green, Ruby Red, Blue Velvet. This colours do not do well in large ceramic wells.
  • Custom pre-orders cannot be cancelled or changed after 48 hours.
  • Your pre-order will be shipped at the beginning of April.
  • If you purchase other items in the same order as this palette, those other items will also be shipped in April. If you would like your other items shipped before April, please purchase them in a separate order.

There are 3 types of palettes available (see first photo). I purchased these plates from multiple places, so the colours may vary a bit since they are not all from the same batch:

  • Speckled Yellow with dark border (Front) - made in Belgium
  • Brown (middle) - made in Japan
  • Brownish Yellow (back) - made in Belgium

Details on the palettes:
  • These vintage ceramic snail plates have been repurposed into beautiful watercolor palettes. The plates were made in Belgium in the 1970's/80's.Details:
  • Each palette measures ±16cm x 14cm
  • Each palette comes with 6 wells, and each well holds one full pan (4-5ml)

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