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Empty Metal Tin - Various Sizes - Watercolor Palettes (Empty)

Empty Metal Tin - Various Sizes - Watercolor Palettes (Empty)

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These little EMPTY tins are perfect to store your watercolors, and perfect to take on the go! All the tins have a hinged lid. The tins come empty - the watercolors in the photos are only props.

*** All tin boxes come Empty. The paint in the photos are to demonstrate the size of each box.**

✨Small tin measurements: 4cm x 6.0cm x 1.8cm
✨The small tin fits 6 half pans

✨Medium tin measurements : 7cm x 9.1cm x 1.7cm
✨The medium tin fits 15-17 half pans (see photos)

✨Large A6-1 tin measurements : 16cm x 12.3cm x 1.2cm - This tin is FLATTER. The pillow tops will just fit but it would be better for pans without pillow tops or quarter pans. I would not suggest this tin if you prefer having a lot of space between the top of your paint and the lid.
✨The large A6-1 tin fits 54 half pans (see photos)

✨Large A6-2 tin measurements : 16.5cm x 11.2cm x 2.1cm - This tin is taller than A6-1 and will give you a more comfortable fit for very full pans.
✨The large A6-2 tin fits 49 half pans (see photos).

Please note:
✨If you want the regular/non-deluxe tins, please check in the "tins and magnets" section of the shop.
✨If you need magnets to secure your watercolor pans, you can purchase them separately in my shop under the "tins and magnets" section.
✨These tins are empty. The watercolours pictured are for props only.
✨The tins are plain. They do not come with any embellishments/logos added.
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