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✨New✨ Set of 12 Ceramic Circle Pans (half pans)

✨New✨ Set of 12 Ceramic Circle Pans (half pans)

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These beautiful festive sets are made up of 12 round ceramic pans. Each pan holds about a half pan or 2-2.5ml of shimmery goodness.

The set comes with the following:

  • 12 ceramic pans filled with pre-selected colours. Each pan contains 2-2.5ml of watercolor paint.

    The palette comes with the following 9 colours:

    • Sparkling White
    • Mangata
    • Champagne Gold
    • Mocha
    • Red Velvet
    • Blackberry
    • Haunted Skies
    • Ancient Skies
    • Sparkling Pine
    • Kelp Forest
    • Snowfall (New version)
    • Ocean Green



    ✨ To reactivate: prewet the paint with 1-2 drops of water and let the water sit for 20-30 seconds. Give it a swirl with your brush and you're ready to go! Shimmers will usually take longer to reactivate than matte paints.
    ✨ The paints are vegan, non-toxic and the mica pigments are ethically sourced OR synthetically made. The new formula no longer contains clove oil due to allergies and sensitivities.
    ✨ The paints are all handmade in small batches. Some Bubbles, cracks, sticky spots are normal and will not affect the quality of the paint.
    ✨The majority of swatches are made on 100% cotton paper and we do our best to represent the colour as closely as possible on the photos. It may appear different depending on your screen settings, the lighting/angle, the paper & brush that you use, the painting technique that you use.


    Why ethical and/or synthetic mica?

    Mica is a natural transparent mineral that is used as the base of most shiny pigments that you see in watercolour paints. The most prominent industries that use mica are the beauty/wellness industry (powdered and cream makeups, shiny lotions/gels, toothpastes, etc) and the car & electronics industries.

    Unfortunately the majority of commercially used mica is mined illegally with the use of child-labour. There is a rough estimate that 20000+ children are currently working in illegal mica mines around the world. On top of this, no safety equipment and precautions are taken to protect these children.

    For my watercolour paints, I ensure that all my pigments are sourced ethically or are manufactured synthetically. Synthetic mica is mineral based, plastic-free and is completely safe to use. Large companies like Lush have already adopted synthetic mica as the only mica that they use for all their products.

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