Reserved for Disha.

Reserved for Disha.

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Reserved for Disha

This is a bulk resale order for vintage watercolors (shipping not included in discounted wholesale orders).

Total of 114 half pans:

  1. 15 x Talens Yellow
  2. 11 x Talens Yellow Light
  3. 11 x Talens Yellow Deep
  4. 11 x Talens Orange
  5. 11 x Madder Light
  6. 11 x Transp Oxide Red
  7. 11 x Transp Oxide Brown
  8. 11 x Yellowish Green
  9. 11 x Hooker Green Deep
  10. 11 x Rembrandt Bluish Green

Some Information about the watercolors

  •  These are vintage rembrandt watercolour half pans, produced by Royal Talens around the 70’s-80’s. Many of these colours have been discontinued or reformulated over time, but these pans have never been touched. They are still wrapped in their original packaging and are still great to use and rewet relatively easily. Since they are 40-50 years old, some of the paper wrappers do stick to the paint itself. This can easily be removed with a bit of water.
  • After 4-5 decades of being in storage, these watercolours have never been used and are still wrapped in their original packaging. However they may not all be in perfect condition due to time and humidity.
  • If you plan on using the paints, some of the paper wrapping may be stuck to the paint. This is easily fixed by dropping a bit of water onto the pan remove the left over paper.
  • These watercolor paints do not come with any pigment information. The lightfastness information may also be outdated.
  • This set may not be ideal for you if you are looking for paints that will react the exact same as their modern counter parts.
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