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Mini Dotcard - 6 Aluminium Colours

Mini Dotcard - 6 Aluminium Colours

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 This mini dotcard contains samples of the aluminium pigment collection. These colours are made of real metal powder instead of the classic mica.

The dots are all handmade and handpoured and will vary in size and shape. The card itself is about the size of a business card for extra portability.

     This dotcard includes the following 6 colours:

    • Silver White
    • Antique Gold
    • Burnt Orange
    • Olive Green (new)
    • Dark Green (new)
    • Azure Blue (Version 2)

    Tidbits about my handmade paints

    • The paints are vegan, non-toxic and the pigments are all ethically sourced. They no longer contain clove essential oil.

    • These are handmade in small batches. Some Bubbles, cracks, sticky spots are normal and will not affect the quality of the paint.

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