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Vintage 1950's Rembrandt Watercolor Tubes - Unopened Tubes

Vintage 1950's Rembrandt Watercolor Tubes - Unopened Tubes

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These watercolor tubes are in amazing condition especially considering that they were produced around 1950-1955 (this is our best estimate). From what we could gather they belonged to someone who had an art supply shop in the UK and this is their left over stock. This means that they are all UNOPENED! And even better - they are all still soft!!

We are selling them for almost no profit with the hope that they will be well loved and used by creatives around the world.

✨Condition: Vintage. They are "New Old Stock" and are in great condition. However many of the tubes do show signs of age like stains and dented/squished tubes. As far as we can see - the tubes are unopened and they are all still soft. However we cannot guarantee the condition of the paint once you open them as we did not want to open the tubes.

✨Vintage Paint Toxicity: Just like any older paint - there are chances of the ingredients being more toxic than their modern counterparts. For this reason we ask that you use these with caution. Please keep them away from children and pets and make sure to not chew on your brushes! The tubes may also contain lead as a lot of old paint tubes were lead tubes. Older paint unfortunately does not come with any pigment information so it's hard to know what types of pigments were used in some of the more ambiguous colours such as "Talens Yellow".

List of colours available:
**** Note that the colour/series numbers and the lightfastness ratings given in this list are from the 1950's. These will most likely have changed for their modern version. Lightfastness may not be measured the same either (ex: colours with +++ may not be considered as lightfast nowadays)***

✨Series 1 ✨

108 +++ Chinese White
339 +++ Light Oxide Red (English Red)
403 +++ Vandyke Brown
416 +++ Sepia Modern
701 +++ Ivory Black
702 +++ Lamp Black

715 +++ Neutral Tint

✨Series 2✨

222 +++ Naples Yellow Light
333 ++ Brownish Madder Alizarin
618 +++ Permanent Green Light

✨Series 3✨

247 ++ Talens Yellow Light
248 ++ Talens Yellow
250 ++ Talens Orange
265 +++ Transparent Oxide Yellow
364 ++ Talens Red Light
378 +++ Transparent Oxide Red
426 +++ Transparent Oxide Brown
645 +++ Hooker Green Deep
668 +++ Chromium Oxide Green

✨Series 4✨
208 +++ Cadmium Yellow Light
209 +++ Cadmium Yellow
210 +++ Cadmium Yellow Deep

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