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✨Restock✨ "Journey through Winter" - Set of 6 Half Pans

✨Restock✨ "Journey through Winter" - Set of 6 Half Pans

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 "Journey Through Winter" is the new palette for November 2022. It contains 6 moody & muted colours that are meant to be used and enjoyed slowly. Many of the colours granulate and will separate into different colours creating a journey like experience.

Take your time. Watch the colours move through water. Enjoy the journey.

The palette contains 6 half pans:

Haunter of the woods - A dark green which granulates into a deep turquoise/teal.

Serein - A beautiful cool blue with a light golden colorshift.

Wanderer of the fog - A blue with greenish undertones. This colour will split into a light yellow.

Tundra - This colour is similar to Wanderer of the the fog but is a lot more green.

Ancient Skies - This colour looks like a deep brownish green at first but will slowly split into a golden brown and a dark blue. It contains golden flakes to add an extra layer of stardust.

Nightfall - A deep blue with blackish brown undertones


This listing is for SIX pans and comes in the following size options:

  • half pan (~2-2.3ml)

Tidbits about my handmade paints

  • This watercolor paint is vegan, non-toxic and the pigments are ethically sourced. The formula no longer contains clove essential oil.

  • These handmade watercolors are all made in small batches. Some Bubbles, cracks, sticky spots are normal and will not affect the quality of the paint.

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